Plastic Dumpster

If you want to incorporate functionality and style in storing your garbage, plastic dumpster will do the job for you. This type of garbage receptacle allows you to store your piles of rubbish in a single container. Just like the other types of dumpsters, the plastic dumpster is also available in different sizes to accommodate your needs.

Unlike the heavy steel-made dumpsters, plastic dumpster is extremely lightweight making it easy to handle. Besides, you need not pay for rental services as you do with steel dumpsters because you can purchase one for your home and have it emptied by the local garbage truck in your area. Having plastic dumpster is an economical way of keeping your garbage properly.

Aside from the cost, plastic dumpsters are different from steel ones since they are only available in small sizes. The largest size of plastic dumpster is only 8 cubic yards.  That’s absolutely perfect for your home rubbish storage. Besides, they come in custom colors and caster options to suit your taste.

Plastic Dumpster Features

Plastic dumpsters are fabricated from high-grade, durable materials made to resist corrosive acids and rust. Also, they are leak-proof which prevents the stinky smell from coming out to attract rodents, pests and insects to the garbage. This also makes plastic dumpster ideal for use in medical facilities like hospitals where part of their generated trash are toxic wastes which are harmful to humans if not properly stored. Moreover, plastic dumpsters are lighter compared to steel receptacles making it easy to move around and its dumping process is considered as the quietest among all other varieties of dumpsters.

Styles of Plastic Dumpsters

Plastic dumpsters are available in front loading and rear loading receptacles. However, there are various styles of plastic dumpsters available that will cater to the demands of safe and proper storage of waste. Here are some of them.

  • Dual Cavity Dumpsters – These dumpsters come with sliding lock bar that clutch the opposing lid while the other side of the cavity is being emptied as well as locks both dumpster lids to prevent wrong wastes from the receptacle.

  • Quad Bin Dumpsters – All the outstanding features of this dumpster resemble the front load dumpsters’, only, they have bottom pockets. These are considered as the most distinct type of front loaders available in the market these days.

  • Bottom Pocket Dumpsters – These has been the favorite dumpster used in some cities and recycling centers. This type has all the features of front loader dumpster but with molded pocket at the bottom. The pointed and wide forklift pocket is quite visible to help find the pocket easily.

Advantages of Plastic Dumpster

If you think that plastic dumpster is less durable compared to their steel counterparts, think again. For instance, Nuwave plastic dumpsters have been thoroughly tested with 2000 pounds of metal weights, raised and dumped over a thousand times. The receptacle manifests no traces of damage at all. Being lightweight, moving the dumpster from one place to another is easier. Plus, it has longer service life. Besides, they are scratch-resistant and have UV protection ensuring that the color will never fade. And most of all, cleaning them is very simple and convenient.

Thus by using plastic dumpster, you’ve got a functional waste storage receptacle with style.