Paper Recycling Dumpster

Ever wonder what’s inside the town’s dumpsters?  In all probabilities, paper and paper products may just take the biggest share of everyone’s trash.  That is why there are dumpsters which are intended to collect only paper.  This type is called a paper recycling dumpster.  This is used to contain and transport papers to paper recycling centers. 

With the growing awareness of what our wastes can do to the environment, it is a good move to start recycling at home.  And since most of our wastes are paper and paper products, we can set up paper recycling bins in our homes.  When the smaller bins are full, we can transfer the contents to the bigger paper recycling dumpster found in the neighborhood.

The following are some helpful tips on setting up and using paper recycling containers as well as recycling bins for other materials at home.

  • Make a system of recycling bins in your home.  Assign a separate container for each material. Label the containers according to the recyclable materials they should contain.  Meanwhile, color coding is also an effective tool to help ensure that the recyclable trash is properly segregated.  You do not necessarily need to follow any standard color coding scheme as you are just doing it at home. For instance, you may choose green for your paper recycling bin, clear or white for your plastic recycling bin, blue for glass recycling container and so on.  Just make sure that everybody knows what each vessel is for. 

  • Know which items are acceptable for each material.  You can check on the neighborhood’s paper recycling dumpster or local recycling centers.  For instance, some recycling centers do not accept food cartons that are covered in grease, such as pizza boxes.  Furthermore, recyclable materials must be dry and clean to remain workable and to avoid attracting pets and other animals.  Therefore, you should clean the food containers that have food residue first before you put them in your recycling bin. Make sure that what you put in the recycling bins are acceptable to the recycling centers.

  • Make regular trips to the paper recycling dumpster or recycling centers near your area to drop off your segregated recyclable trash. 

When the paper recycling dumpsters are full, the trash collectors or dumpster company will pick up the recyclable materials and bring them to recycling centers.  It would be easier for them if you would group together the similar items. For instance, you can bundle up newspapers together, office papers in another bunch, and so on.

Aside from at home, you can also promote paper recycling in the office.  Fact is, an average office worker produces about 1.5 pounds of waste paper daily, most of which are recyclable. You can suggest having a paper recycling dumpster near your office if one is not yet available on site.  For those in paper intensive businesses like print shops and newspaper printing, paper dumpsters are a must.

The local waste management service can provide you more information about paper recycling dumpster and the types of services they offer.  You may contact them or the city government for assistance on recycling advocacies.