8 yard Dumpster

Working at a construction site means there’s naturally going to be a lot of messes and trash. Drywall powder will fill the air of renovation sites, sawdust will pile up in mountains at board cutting stations and tons of other tiny things add up to make one huge mess. Luckily, for small projects at home or for quick day jobs for contractors, an 8 yard dumpster can be used to effectively store all of the trash during the project. Once the gig is over, you can simply make a call to the pickup people and your dumpster will be brought to a trash dump and emptied. If the dumpster is yours, it will be returned. If it is a rental, usually the first dump is free and can be coordinated with the company that handles the rental.

Small Contractor Jobs – Small Dumpster Needs

If you’re a contractor and you specialize in touch up work and small, day projects, there is no need for you to rent or buy an enormous dumpster. While dumpsters come in sizes up to 40 yards, a simple 8 yard dumpster is practically sized and will be ideal for single room renovations, re-carpeting work, simple landscaping and yard cleanup and much more. Considering that a truck bed or van can usually carry 2-3 cubic yards of waste you’ll really be saving on gas by opting for a dumpster. Two trips to the junkyard are saved by a simple call to a company that specializes in picking up on-site dumpsters and clearing their contents.

Taking Out the Trash

Perhaps one of the least appreciated aspects of using a dumpster on a job site is the fact that there are many fewer spills and accidents as a result of clutter. Trash bags break and boxes of cleared material can be tripped over and cause injuries. By employing a policy that all waste materials cleared from a job site are taken outside to a roll out dumpster, you’ll be ensuring the safety of your workers and the efficiency of your job. It’s far too often that a trash bag filled to the brim with garbage gets caught on something sharp or breaks when handled over the course of a few days. Minimize exposure to risk and you’ll thank yourself later when you don’t have to clean up the same mess twice!

How Much Will it Cost?

There are factors that go into selecting the right company to rent or purchase an 8 yard dumpster from and price is definitely a major concern. Dumpsters are priced according to their size and the number of days being used (for rental). In rental scenarios, a free pick up is usually included. If you opt to purchase your own 8 yard dumpster, count on a standard fee every time you need your dumpster taken to the junkyard and cleaned out. Rentals usually vary between hundreds to thousands and used or new 8 yard dumpsters will range between several thousands of dollars in approximation.